Grumbles of aFoodie

by maramcm

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I am a sworn foodie.

Check out my instagram, 70% of what I post are food and I can’t help myself.

img_14951I have this thought to never starve yourself just to save money. I think it’s pretty reasonable since eating is actually a necessity and restraining yourself won’t get you anywhere. Plus the fact that drawbacks will come swallowing you down when you restrict yourself from one of the pure heavens in life. Drawbacks such as looking soo skinny your face is like a skull and that is not beauty for me. Or having those cravings or wants you never had since all you did was restrict yourself from spending. Or maybe having those regrets in like that you can never take back. You will never know those what ifs if you don’t try.

I have a sensitive tummy. Believe, it’s hard when you’re a foodie but this doesn’t stop me from being who I really am. This started in college, I was hospitalized because of amoebiasis. Then I recovered but then I later found out that I have gastric ulcer which makes this worse. Because of my amoebiasis, I am restrained with some foods I can’t eat and the funny thing about this is I can never tell until my tummy aches. Another is my ulcer where if I eat a lot, I tend to get bloated or get heart burns. A lot of people get this because acidity is a common thing with Filipinos but to hell with these right? I am going to eat as much as I can because this is me.

To those who tries their best to reduce weight, please don’t get mad at me. This is just a personal point of  view.  I  also have this  attitude to never  repeat  a restaurant.  There are tons of restaurants  in the country, even in Manila and I try my best to try it all. Well, except for those days when I’m really saving but for those days where my tummy overrules my mind, that’s what I do. You can still eat well without spending that much. It’s all about budgeting. Save at least 20 a day, try out a new restaurant every two weeks and you’re good to go. You don’t have to eat out everyday. That’s absurd! Unless you earn 5,000 net a day and you’re single and you live nearby without any other expenses, then you have no problems but for someone who just want to try things out, then once a week is good enough.