by maramcm

I am literally on the very most bottom if my career. You see, I’m in the Sales and life is not easy. And again, no. I dont sell condominiums, cars, credit cards or insurance. Sales is not literally defined as those people giving you flyers or asking for your 30 seconds which will eventually turn out to be a minute or two selling you things in a so called good deal. Please people. Stop co-notating jobs. ( i’m sorry but please give me this moment to vent out.)

Moving on, everyone has to start with something right? Not everyone is a COO (child of the owner) or my daddy knows someone here stuff. For normal people like us, we start from scratch and work ourselves up the ladder.
Yesterday, I was finally able to go on a client visit on my own. I work in a Multinational ICT Company. How i got in is another story. So as i said, i am in sales and one of our job is to develop pipelines (Maghanap ng bagong customer) we dont do the typical mall ambush or asking people, “Excuse me, are you interested blah blah…” I dont do that but I’m not saying what I do is not close to that. We visit clients in their office. You create your own database and fill in with client details and start calling up. The good thing about this is that the company i work with is a top player in the industry.
My first visits were nerve wracking and its because i am new to the company and to the industry. I dont know a thing or two about IT and I am sooo terrified with the thought that what if the client starts asking me things? (Nope, trainings came in later on the picture) and true enough, the customers had some requirements i dont even know how to spell.




I was like, what the fuck are these????? So what i usually do is i bring along a colleague or as we call ourselves, account managers( AM ) . Since they’ve been around for quite sometime, they’ll be able to assist me. Every time i had a client call, i’d drag someone with me. Sometimes i really feel i’m pissing them off but i still cant go out on my own. Until yesterday.

Normally, there are cars assigned to each visit but unfortunately, yesterday, someone has an emergency trip to the Tarlac and i have to give way. I am currently based in Makati but the client i am about to visit is in the northern part of the metro. I was thinking of grabbing a cab in front of our office but i realized it will cost me too much even though i know that it’s reimbursable. So i decided to ride the MRT and take a cab from Shaw instead. The trip basically ate 2.5 hours of my time because of the infamous traffic and my meeting only took up 30 mins. Well, that’s life. While i was on the road, i was thinking how kawawa i look. Well, not physically but compared to the other AM who have already bought their own cars and have already established themselves in the industry that they don’t really need to do these things i am doing. I told myself, keep it cool Mara, one day you’ll get your break. This kind of situation motivates me knowing that i am really working my ass off.

Again I told myself, One Day.