How Much did They First Pay You to Give Up On Your Dreams?

by maramcm

Up In The Air Clip

“How Much did they First Pay You to Give Up On Your Dreams?”

This is what George Clooney said in the movie, Up In The Air. I haven’t seen the movie yet but this clip made a huge impact in my life. In fact, I don’t think it’s just me who was struck by those words but almost everybody else because tons of comments flooded the clip and there I knew, I wasn’t alone.

I received 18k for my first job which is not what I saw myself applying in. People think it’s really a lot but believe me, it’s not. You’re deducted of around 2k every pay day, twice a month, spend almost 4k for transportation, 200 everyday for food, then there are bills to pay and so on and so forth which leaves you almost nothing. In this fast paced life, money is everything and sometimes, for some people, they tend to give up their dreams just so they can be financially stable as soon as possible.

I hope one day, I’ll have the courage to really pursue my dreams and stop thinking about practically and how others might think of me. This is my life, I’m in charge of it.

Easier said than done.