A Day in a Life of a Sales Person

by maramcm

A Sales Person or an Ahente is normally distinguished as either a Med Rep, Real Estate Agent or an Insurance Agent only. When you’re in sales, you always get this negative connotation that your job is too easy or you’re a master manipulator.

It’s really frustrating and I just have to say that any job is as hard and worthwhile as the other. People tend to judge only by the limit of their knowledge and being in whatever field you are, every one has something to say.
Now enough of this explanation. I’d like to personally share my normal routine as a Sales Person.

 I am a graduate of Marketing and I’ve been working in an International Japanese IT company as an Account Manager for about two years now.

I would gladly explain our solutions and product offerings but this post is about my usual routine so I’d probably write a different one that would discuss more on what I do and how it works around  an IT company. 

Moving on, I leave the house at around 5:30am to beat the early morning traffic. You know what they say, early bird gets the worm. (Or not?) I arrive normally at 8am which gives me ample time to check my emails. Being in Sales, you don’t really follow the normal protocol of 8 hours at work as your performance is based on numbers more than your presence within the corners of your office. 

People at the office doesn’t really arrive until 9:30 or 10 so I take advantage of the peace I have at the moment. I typically get 67 emails a day which is the minimum count that usually contains client updates, follow ups, news and if I get lucky sometimes a Purchase Order (PO). There are times it increases to a hundred and get this, you only got an hour or two to finish going through these mail because after this, life starts outside those sliding doors in a far street in Makati.

And the journey to the client begins. At work, we have our Sales Director who is naturally our Manager. Under an SD are AMs who are assigned with different territories and industries. I happen handle the the North Luzon area and two huge conglomerates.

Basically I start my day at the office and after an hour or two, I head the road. Sometimes I get to go to Subic, Clark, Bataan for a sales call. It might sound a lot of fun that you get to travel a lot but trust me a sales call that far is really exhausting. It would’ve been better if you can stay in a hotel or so but you need to go back home and head to the office the next day again. 

What do i usually talk about? Well, I don’t really have my own sales pitch. What I do is I listen to what my client has to say. There pain points, project objectives and expectations and from there I let my pre sales do all the technical talking. We’re like tag teams, the engineer does the techy stuff and I do the marketing part. Most of the times, I speak with the IT, Network, Operations or Security Managers because as you may know, IT is more than just a computer solving technician. Believe it or not, it’s one of the integral divisions in a company given that our generation consists of computer and internet of things or commonly known as IOT. (You can google that if you want.) Wifi system is more than just a router, your email is more than just a communication channel and your Internet connection is more than just a bandwidth. Everything is interconnected to a more complex solution. In which the IT and the Engineer guys dedicate sweat and blood just to keep the company going. I bet you didn’t know that before these people leaves the office, a mantra or a prayer is repeatedly said just so the servers wouldn’t crash down during the weekends. 

In a day, I make it a point to maximize the visit so I set at about 2-3 meetings. This also enables me to save transportation cost, time and effort.

It’s not the typical 8-hour work routine. Mostly it’s like a 12-hour everyday thing. I consider a day productive when I get to close a deal or I get to uncover an opportunity first. These two allows me to visit the clients again because either we talk about the implementation plan next or the scoping of the project. Of course when you’re the one who discovered the project first, it gives me an advantage over my competitors. This doesn’t happen all the time. There are times you just pay them a visit to let them know your existence or try to fix a problem. Those  on the other hand are two of the things I hate. It makes me feel really worn out especially because you know for a fact na talo ka na. 

Basically that’s how most of my days go. If I still have some time, I go back to the office and finish proposals, and more emails. Then I go home and start over again.