Finding the Perfect Watch 

by maramcm

I just have to share my enthusiasm when I got the watch I have been dreaming about.❤❤❤

You see, I’ve been a watch person ever since I was in highschool and I had this bad habit of getting a new one whenever the battery runs out. I know this is not really the right thing to do but my ninongs and ninangs were always fond of giving me watches that I never worry of running out of them. There was this time on my 18th birthday that I probably got 7 and so I had plenty to choose from. 

Just when I graduated in college that I later realized how wrong was it for me to develop that bad habit of just getting rid of watches whenever the battery dies and so I tried to search for the remaining ones and had the batts change. (New me, new life but the truth is, ang mahal bumili ng bago now that I’m spending for myself )  I also did this because all my stocks eventually ran out and I had nothing to use. When I successfully revived the remaining 4 that I saved, I realized I needed one formal watch that I can use for special events and that’s when the quest for the perfect watch started.

I saw the Anne Klein watch on a website called and immediately fell in love with it. Here’s a screencap of the site. I’m not really comfortable buying online so I personally went to the Anne Klein store in Greenbelt 5 to check the item. I wasn’t quite decided then as it was quite expensive so I waited for a while and searched for more.

However, I could not find anything as perfect as the first one I saw and ended up looking for the exact same style from various brands. Of course there are plenty of good ones but I just can’t afford them. I came across options such as Timex, Casio, Tomato and even closely resorted to buying that Geneva watch at Lazada. It was a good thing I didn’t because my sister bought 3 for 380 Pesos I think and although the design was okay, the material where it’s made of is really not okay for me. It’s too lightweight and the noisy like the metal sounds like a tin can being hit by another tin can. (No offense to Lazada, they got the best stuff except for that Geneva watch. We’re avid buyers of Lazada btw )

I then decided to save for this Anne Klein watch which took me 5 months to complete the amount. When I went back to the store, it was out of stock already and so I have to succumb with loneliness knowing I can’t buy it yet. 

Then just last week when I visited again, one stock came in and I didn’t thought twice and bought it immediately. 

The best thing about this is that it’s not too much. Not too gold, not too heavy, not too sparkly and not too formal. I mean, you know what I’m saying? It’s just right.

It’s perfect for its price. There are a lot of watches out there like Fossil, Citizen, Michael Kors, Daniel Wellington etc… but it’s just that I really fell in love with this one.

And so, the watch and I lived happily ever after. (Actuality just in time for an event I have to attend this Saturday) AND I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!! 😍😍😍💖💖💖

(This post is not sponsored nor advertised. I’m just really happy and wanted to share my happiness in writing.)